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Webinar 3: BC PSR AP: Competencies of Practice for Canadian PSR Practitioners

April 13, 2015

This session describes new Canadian Recovery-Orientated Psychosocial Competencies of Practice for Rehabilitation Practitioners developed by PSR / RPS Canada. Following a brief overview of PSR / RPS Canada, the webinar establishes the importance of defining core Competencies in recovery-orientated practice; provides an overview of the development of the Competencies of Practice for Canadian Psychosocial Rehabilitation; introduces the Core competencies; finally, suggestions on how to implement the competencies are offered followed by time for questions and answers.

Originally broadcast on March 27th, 2014, with presenters Vicky Huehn, Dr. Regina Casey, and Dorothy Edem, this was a special partnership between the BC PSR Advanced Practice and PSR/RPS Canada.